Production and Implementation of Informative Campaigns against Social Problems and Juvenile Delinquency

Our company, produces and publishes Informative Campaigns against Social Problems and Juvenile Delinquency through its publications and other mass media.

With the active support of almost all Ministries, such as Health, Defense, Education and Culture, Ministry of Communications and Works, Stage GSP Stadium, CSO (Cyprus Sports Organisation), and many other governmental and non – governmental organizations, but also with the support of Sponsors, we are producing every year thematic monthly campaigns mentioned below:

  • Bullying & Cyber Bullying
  • Racism
  • Women Abuse
  • Internet Dependence
  • Drive Safety

The campaigns mainly consist of three photographic productions with scenes play and capture the monthly theme, the social problem – message, giving to the public a deeper meaning through photographic production and the written social message. (in posters of size 48Χ68 cm).

Our aim is to inform as many social groups as possible, especially children on Social Problems and Juvenile Delinquency. We hope with your cooperation to bring together all our strong messages with our main slogan and motto.
Become a link in the chain of campaigns…

All the involved Governmental and Semi-Governmental bodies do not participate economically at any stage of the production / implementation and posting process.

Participation in Campaigns photographic production: Famous Cypriots like journalists, actors, presenters, athletes, children (with the written permission of the parents) participating in Photographic productions of our campaigns.

Publicity: Our Philosophy is that the current social message should take as much publicity as possible, but also to cover the largest part of the population. With the cooperation and permission of the above Organizations, we ensure the posting of posters in dozens of public spaces.

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