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For us, every successful business deal, always starts with an idea. Our experience in developing a simple idea through a professional and in-depth business project guarantees absolute success. We make your idea come true with real results when it comes out on the market. We make your idea come true with real and measurable results when it’s entering the market.


Behind each proposal there is a systematic, objective and accurate research. Seeking information or any information related with your own project, through personalized research that is done for each of our clients separately, we are able to specify what is that, that will always takes your business one step ahead of your competitors.


Together, we can show off your product or service and identify it (determine, define something accurately without leaving any vagueness) to the public. Our aim is not only a temporary company’s growth, but a short-term increase.


We study your product or service, investigate competition, evaluate the media (whether it meets the needs of the audience that we aim to influence), set the goal, allocate the budget. We monitor the flow of projections, or transmissions and remodel according to the market status.


- TV spots - Radio spots - Advertising campaigns - Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns - Creating a MEDIA Advertising Plan - Social Media - Web Marketing


We help you to develop an Online Strategy for your online presence, not just to "look" but to win customers! We advising you for the texts you need to write, your messages and offers. We create together the plan to turn the "unknown" visitor into a "real" customer!


We have developed strategic alliances with the leaders of the sector... Our aim is to inform our clients about the topics of the seminars, or exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece and China. We adjust, differentiating, introduce and focus on the right choice of seminars, exhibitions and workshops, according to the needs of our clients. We are providing to our customers continuous support, so we can efficiently achieve significant cost savings.

About Us

For the fourth consecutive year, our company promotes the Informative Campaigns against Social Problems and Juvenile Delinquency…

In cooperation with

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
  • Cyprus Post Offices
  • CSP
  • GSP Stadium
  • and with the support of sponsors – companies.

We perform four photographic productions per campaign with scenes that take place and display (on a poster sized 48X68 cm) the social problem-message, giving a deeper meaning through the photographic lens and written social message.

The Businesslink website was created with the aim of initially meeting the needs of companies to find specialized information. That is, it enables the user to focus on the target group that interests him / her in minimum time. The database includes almost all companies in Cyprus as well as all professional categories.

Able to seek companies based on….

Professional activity, Country, City, Region, Village, Industrial area, Postal Code, Phone, Fax

The above company classification gives the b2b or b2c user the advantage of using the database as a tool to find or promote merchandise to the target group of interest.

Today, the Email is perhaps the most important and most effective way of communication of a business between its customers. We maintain and constantly develop large databases, i.e. company contact information sorted by…

  • Professional Category or Categories
  • Country
  • City
  • Area
  • Postcode
  • Telephone
  • Fax

By using this data (company contact information), which is one of the main tools we recommend for the promotion of products and services, we provide a significant advantage of a targeted projection to our customers.

We can help you set up the entire mechanism and with your own database, aiming at your existing clientele.

Galastyle (a women’s magazine) aims at journalistic and informative coverage of the area of beauty. The main theme of the magazine is the promotion of professional hairdressing and aesthetic products.

It is free (free press) and it covers all hair salons, beauty salons, nail salons, SPA, etc. all over Cyprus. Also, it is distributed free to selected few and crowded coffee shops.

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