Argous Blue successfully undertake and complete the event, exhibition and inauguration of the exhibition in corporation with Municipality of Ayia Napa.  Also, our company was responsible to organize the Press Conference which held on 26th September 2018 within the framework of the 34th Ayia Napa International Festival, the promotion to all Media of the exhibition and the inauguration, and the invitation of formal guests, organizations and entrepreneurs who actively contribute to the economic and cultural development of the region.



The special constructions and the exhibition printings are implemented by Argous Blue.



The 34th Ayia Napa International Festival, host for a second consecutive year the heritage culture exhibition, with the participation of a famous performance group «Guangzhou Opera House Art Troupes’ Visit to Eurasia» from the Guangzhou city of China.

The exhibition of the Archaeological Museum «Nanyue Palace» of Guangzhou city, titled «The Broad China Sea», opened its gates to the public from 6th to 30th September 2018 at the “Thalassa Agia Napa Municipal Museum”.

The aim of the exhibition and the musical performance is to promote the Chinese Culture, the tourist and business development but also, the establishment of long-term cooperation between the two cities on the basis of the Memorandum of Cooperation that Mayor of Ayia Napa and Mayor Guangzhou signed last April in Guangzhou. A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed with the “Nanyue Palace” Archaeological Museum.

Within the framework of International Festival, Mayor of Ayia Napa, Mr. Yiannis Karousos proclaims the 27th September as a day of Cypriot-Chinese cooperation especially with Ayia Napa City. The same day, at 18:30 Mayor inaugurates the beginning of Chinese-Cypriot culture events. An official delegation from China, representing the Archaeological museum of Guangzhou and officials from Cyprus will attend the inauguration.

Finally, on 27th September 2018 and before the official events of the Festival will held at the Central Square of the Municipal Museum “Thalassa”, an event with the presentation of the way of serving traditional Chinese tea, dance show of  “Cyprus of Tradition” from Ayia Napa Dancing Group, a show by Chinese artists who will present a show of traditional instruments entitled “Extolling Good Times with Singing and Dancing”, “Puppet Show”, “Long Silk Dance”, BondongGuan Concert Opera and the presentation of Cypriot Wedding “Today the Sky shines ” from the Musical and Dance “Drymio” group of the Municipality of Deryneia.


The exhibition of precious objects, ancient documents and photographs will show the history and philosophy of China, but also the way that promote their culture, economical and commercial culture outside Asia.  This was achieved through the famous “One Belt and one road” in three directions. The one direction was from Asia to Russia and Europe, the second through Central and western Asia to the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean, and the third from China to the south-east Asia, South Asia and the Indian Ocean.

On 21st Century the “One Belt and one Road”, also focused and nautically in two directions. The one, extents from the coastal harbors along the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and Europe, and the other, from the China coastal harbors along the South China Sea to the South Pacific. The exhibition divided into three sections:

  1. Establishment of Nanyue Kingdom – Opening of the Port and trade commencement
  2. Entrepreneurship of Tang governance – meeting the big boats
  3. Sailing and flourishing for a thousand years

Some of the valuable exhibits of ancient documents and photographs presented in the exhibition: 









Organizer: Municipality of Ayia Napa – International Tourism & Culture Festival @ China – Cyprus

Co-organizer:  C.G.A Cyprus Guangdong Association of Commerce


Production Implementation: Argous Blue


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