1st Campaign for 2018 – “Bullying & Cyber Bullying” – Argous Blue

1st Campaign for 2018 – “Bullying & Cyber Bullying”

Businesslink and Galastyle magazine conducted the 1st Informative Campaign “Bullying & Cyber Bullying” for 2018.

These campaigns are part of series of campaigns, aimed to provide more information at the public for Social Issues and Juvenile Delinquency, Road Safety, Women’s Abuse, Internet Dependency and Racism.

The campaigns are supported by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Post Office of Cyprus, the Cyprus Sport Organization and the GIS Stadium.

As we said before, the campaigns mainly consist of three photographic productions with scenes play and capture the monthly theme, the social problem – message, giving to the public a deeper meaning through photographic production and the written social message. (in posters of size 48Χ68 cm).

The postings were posted at all the Hospitals and Health Centers, Sports Centers of C.S.O., the post office and the G.S.P. Stadium.
Our aim is to inform as many social groups as possible, especially children.
For the campaign accomplishment helped:

Fashion Designer Anna Dorothea.

Production Organization & Implementation: Argous Blue Ltd / Galastyle
Idea – Scenarios photographic production: Demetris Theophanopoulos
Art & Fashion Photographer: Charis Evagorou
Assistant Photographer: Charis Petrou
Graphic Designer: Vassos Pratziotis by crazymouse design studio ltd

Warmest thanks to the above Ministries, C.S.O.,G.S.P Stadium, our partners and all those who contributed to the campaigns. It wouldn’t be possible to share all these messages to the wider audience, without their own involvement. Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters L.P. FRANCESKIDES & CO LTD, PETROLINA (HOLDINGS) PUBLIC LTD, ROYAL CROWN INSURANCE, RPS PROMOTIONS LTD, D A STROMAN LTD, KYTV TOURISM & TRAVEL

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