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7th Campaign for 2014 – “Drive Safety”

Galastyle magazine & youth Journal Click organized the 7th campaign of the 12-month campaign «Information against Social Problems & Youth delinquency», with subject Drive Safety for the year 2014.

Campaign consisted mainly of photographs which were monthly imprinted the specific subject in posts, posted to all public and private Schools of Primary, Secondary, Technical, Higher and Higher Education, and all camps, at all Police Stations, at all post, all Cyprus Pitches, and also thematic radio and TV spots that were displayed during the campaign.

Our aim is to inform as many social groups as possible.

Production Contributors:

• Initiative Organization & Execution Production: Galastyle Magazine & Youth Journal Click

• Support: Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Defense, Cyprus Police, Pancyprian Confederation of Parents of Primary and Secondary Education, GIS Stage.

Sponsors: CYTA.FORD
Media Sponsors: Mega TV, Zenith FM 96.4

We would like to thank the little Marialena Fantousi who got photographed for the campaign’s needs.

Also, we would like to thank all the production team:

Art & Fashion Photographer: Charis Evagorou
Assistant Photographer: Dem Paste
Graphic Design: Michalis Aristodemou

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